As a dancing group of about 30 people in North Surrey Vancouver BC, we have been participating in various activities and festivals held in Great Vancouver since 2015. Thank to NSG’s support, we could afford to rent a place which is big enough for our dancing classes.

Due to COVID-19, we switched the twice per week in-person class to online teaching once a week. Chinese classical dance, folk dance and other ethnic dances are being taught virtually. In fact, we attracted more people to join in. People get connected and communicate with each other through our dancing classes. One of the problems of online dancing classes is that the teacher is unable to correct the learners’ movements personally. This would lead to longer sessions and slower progress. Fortunately the teaching videos have been recorded for the learners who could play back and practice more afterwards. Meanwhile, we set up a reward and encouraging system and anyone with full attendance would be given a prize.

In reality we are physically apart, but in the virtual world we get together . By our project, participants have gained not only the improvement in dancing skills, but also a healthy and safe way to stay away from the stress of the pandemic.
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