NOURISHING, MAGICAL and GRATITUDE were just some of the words to sum up the unique experience spoken by those who attended the November 2022 NSG community event.

This year was my first time receiving a NSG to offer yoga and kirtan in Kelowna, BC. The intention of this event was to bring people together through movement, sound and song in community. Yoga means union and kirtan is the act of singing devotional mantras in unison with musical instruments. During this event, methods and techniques were shared to regulate stress, promote well-being and replenish social connection.

The event was held at the Perfect Balance Yoga Studio in West Kelowna. With thoughtful consideration, we decided to offer the event in partnership with The Elizabeth Fry Society, an organization with vision to promote safety, equality, and empowerment in our community. These values strongly aligned with the intention of this event and donations were encouraged to support survivors of abuse, exploitation, and violence.

With the generosity from our community, we raised over $1000 for The Elizabeth Fry Society.

All in all, the event was a roaring success bringing together people of varied age and visitors from across Canada.

Thank you to NSG for sponsoring this offering!
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