The initial project aimed to hold an online art session every Thursday, available to kids & adults, which would allow people to explore different techniques and have fun with creativity. Between March 26 & August 6, 2020, this project has allowed an average of 55 people a week to participate in 11 sessions. In addition, I set up a 40-day sketchbook challenge with daily posts & prompts, including art videos & introductions to more than 40 different artists from all over the world for inspiration. Adults were involved as well as kids over 10 years old (target age for the art challenge).

I can say that I have achieved my goal but maybe more important: have learned a lot in the process. This was challenging for me to find ways to “teach” efficiently without being in the same room as my students, and to find techniques and subjects that can be attractive to all ages.

My best moments were definitely the direct feed-backs I have received from the people I meet in Snug Cove. They definitely made me feel that my work was useful and worth the effort. I also have been surprised by few people outside of Bowen who have followed and enjoyed the sessions. In the difficult time we live in, I think art is more than ever a magical tool to help people to deal with their stress and to fulfil their craving for meaningful activities.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Bowen Island Community Foundation, not only because the grant has made my project possible but also because this whole experience has motivated me to do more and explore more ways to share my passion for visual arts with my community.
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