Get Prepared

Know What's Coming

Once you’ve decided on an idea, here’s what to expect in the months ahead.

Find one other neighbour to collaborate with you.

Team work makes the dream work! You need a neighbour to be your co-applicant. If they are between the ages of 18-24, be sure to let us know as youth-led projects are a priority funding area for us.

Write and submit your application together.

Deadlines can vary between communities. Be sure you've got the correct one.

Wait for the results.

Volunteers from your community review all applications. This takes between six to eight weeks.

Bring your idea to life.

If your grant is approved, you will go and pick up your cheque from your community coordinator. Then it's time to start planning, promoting, and preparing for the big day!

Get Inspired

Green Project Ideas to Get You Started

We find these tend to be popular ideas among first-time applicants. They can be easily organized with two people, are low cost, and excite neighbours.

Reduce food waste

A fruit tree pick-and-shares puts what's already in people's backyards to good use and doesn't need a lot of extra costs.

Repair every day items

Invite an expert to teach a clothing or household repair workshop that can extend the lives of things we already own.

Reuse what's already in your closet

Kids always need more clothes. Host a clothing swap, and see if a local business or two will sponsor some snacks to fuel the day.

Building a Community Garden in Vancouver

Matt and Carlson set out to create a rooftop garden in their False Creek building. The result? Conversations in common spaces went from “awkward to authentic,” as Carlson says. A garden can be an impactful way to create connections — watch the duo talk about the process from applying for a grant to getting strata approvals.


Stories from Next Door

Project leaders love to share back on what happened during their event, gathering, or project. Get inspired for your next idea by reading about what your neighbours are up to.

NSG Stories

November 27, 2023

Same Sun Summer Jam

On August 17th, we invited all of Aldergrove to our back yard for a three hour event that included live local musicians, artists, and makers. Mark Hildebrand put on a...

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