‘Pacific Landing Rooftop Garden’ 2021 is a continuation of a pilot community project started under Covid in 2020.

As building residents were using the 8000 square foot rooftop more than ever before to socialize, work, relax and entertain (with social distancing), we decided to continue and enhance the pilot project with a funding request towards more planters, soil, compost and some proper tools and equipment. We were so grateful that we were chosen. The fun was about to begin all over again.

Thus, well equipped, we planted mixed salad greens, spinach, kale, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and a bunch of perennial and annual herbs like dill, fennel, cilantro, basil, arugula, sage, chives etc.
Once again this year, the roof top garden proved to be a tremendous success, not just in terms of harvest, but also in enhancing quality of life for all, creating a sense of community and neighbourliness. Everything ran smoothly with social distancing, and at no given time was there overcrowding to reckon with. The garden was the conversation starter for many neighbours who found themselves sharing the roof top at the same time. Nothing is more satisfying than a flourishing garden.
This project successfully met at least two goals of the Greenest City Action Targets: ‘Local Food’ and ‘Lighter Footprint
Once again, thank you NSG for making this possible. You are truly champions in encouraging community building.
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