The project is a series of workshops facing teenagers in the UBC(University of British Columbia) neighborhood (but not limited to only UBC residents). It is open to the public and not for profit. The main goal is to inspire teenagers’ interest in finance, and also encourage them to explore these fields.
Topics we will cover:
What is personal finance?
Why is finance important to everyone?
How do you start as a beginner investor?
They will benefit from our project through the meaningful content of our sessions.

Why do I plan to host the workshop:
I've realized that many teenagers and high school students don't have many ideas and skills in personal finance. However, I believe it is an important area for everyone to know some of the essential concepts, especially when they go into their adulthood and live independently.

Methods to promote: Social media: Instagram, Facebook. Websites, online discussion groups. Putting up the posters in the community.

The challenges I overcame: Find a proper guest speaker who was willing to deliver a speech. Manage the staff team and delegate tasks. Another challenge was the technical issue of webcasting the workshop.

The community impact: The teenagers who attended the workshop learned a very important lesson. Start to learn about personal finance at an early age and plan for the future. They also gained some investment knowledge, and about how the market and economy work.

Testimonials from attendees:
“I learned a lot about how investing and the balance sheet work”
“I learned Knowledge in how and when to invest”
“Many useful skills and tips about personal finance were delivered.”
“Invest = smart”

The number of in-person attendees was around 45, while there were another 20 online attendees. The number of staff was 8, and 6 of them were volunteers.

We gratefully acknowledge UTown@UBC Community Grants for their financial support of our project.
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