These photos were taken over the months of April and May 2020, in Vancouver BC's Kitsilano neighbourhood. The purpose of the project was to document this unusual and unexpected time in our lives. My hope was that the photos would bring us even closer, and that by getting to know those in our neighbourhood, we would keep fostering a sense of community.
By leaving a note on my neighbours' door and posting on Facebook groups I invited participants to fill a form where they would agree to be photographed and provide me with their information about where and when to find them. The meetings were pre arranged and the session was about 5 min. I felt very welcome and got a great response when they received their portrait by email. It was a great pleasure for me to get to know my neighbours, and I believe they appreciated the gift of the portrait taken – many people came to me to tell that was the only photo they had of the whole family together in years. It felt my heart with joy.
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