We had 25 participants on a very hot afternoon, August 16th, 2003, during the heatwave for two hours. We were saved by the air-conditioning in Lougheed Mall. The material, together with the active participation of all the participants, made it a very productive session.
Finding sponsorship for a suitable space was not easy. Working out in some tight space without air conditioning in summer with the seniors is not a good idea. So I posted on a Facebook community page and asked for help, and one of the suggested options materialized.
Since this workshop involves actual hands-on instruction, the ratio of participants to instructors matters. I created flyers as well as spread the word through personal contacts, and they came through for me. I created a Google online form for registration purposes, and that makes it planning a lot easier. We have 25 registered and showed up. 64% of them were from Burnaby.
The message that managed to get through to all the participants is, “You cannot avoid all falls even though you can lower the risks through a lot of great information via Fall Prevention programs. To protect yourself from the remaining risks, there are ways to improve your reflex and to reduce the extent of the injury”. The workshop was very successful in that regard. More than 10% of the participants signed up for various community center programs afterward, and almost all said the workshop provided valuable information and experiences.
Note: The attached picture is not of everyone. I forgot about the group photo at the end, and some of you already headed out. 🙁

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