“I had this idea to spruce up the skateboard park and bring our community closer.

A while back, some youth tagged my son’s name on the skate park and sent him a pic of it – my son was pretty upset and wanted it gone. The Town of Princeton tried to patch up the graffiti with grey paint, but it was clear it needed some real TLC.

So, I reached out on Facebook, asking for artists and anyone who wanted to help out. Can you believe it? Almost 20 people, kids and grown-ups, were ready to paint the town… well, the park, anyway!

We didn’t set any rules on what to paint, except that it had to be friendly for everyone. The youth were excited when they received their spray cans, allowing them to add flair. Together, we covered up the tags with creativity, colour and a lot of fun.
Loads of local folks and groups chipped in, like the Princeton Dental Clinic, First Valley Credit Union, Save on Foods, Fletchers Home Hardware, Bridge Street Home Hardware, Princeton Paint and Decorating, and the Town of Princeton. Their support meant everything.

We hit some bumps along the way, like underestimating how much spray paint we’d need. But we made it work, thanks to the grant and the extra help from Save on Foods, who provided water chips and freezies for a big reveal party.

More than the colorful park facelift, I loved that my family and I got to create something awesome for our community. It’s all about giving back and making our neighbourhoods a better place. Thanks for the Neighbourhood Small Grant!

Jenn and the neighbours
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