Dear NSG Community Coordinator: We carefully discussed and planned the Production and tasting of Chinese flour food on a number of occasions in August 2019. We invited Ms. Xu Baoxuan, Ye Jianxiang, Chen Lihua, Hongmei and eight other experienced pasta teachers to make and explain. We have produced posters that give notice of the purpose, main content and requirements of the event. In order to increase the motivation of everyone and to renew the enthusiasm of the neighborhood friends to interact, according to the voluntary principle, we also distribute the work of cooking staples and dishes (including the purchase of food staples) to the neighborhood friends. We officially held the “China Pasta” Neighborhood Small Fund event at 13688 100 Ave Surrey (Second Floor Barbecue Room) from 10am to 4pm on September 1st. More than 50 neighborhood friends of different ethnicities attended. In the activity, 8 noodle production teachers are now demonstrating the steamed bread, green bean cake, onion oil cake, dumplings, noodles, pumpkin pie, selling and other 8 kinds of pasta have dumplings, pumpkin cakes, bread, green bean cake, rice, noodles, onion oil cake, selling, steamed bread, noodles. Many of our neighbors’ friends are interested in the production and are enthusiastic about the production and consulting. The face is very moving. Everyone has tasted these dishes, Vietnamese neighbor Amin very much love these pasta, he said: This is the most delicious pasta I have tasted! Everyone thinks that this kind of current production microfund activity is very novel and very characteristic. We also prepared a hearty lunch, the main food has bread, crab meat bags, roasted. The dishes are very rich: red roasted meat, five-scented eggs, Shanghai characteristic roasted bran, oil yams, sour radish, spicy fan cabbage, pork elbows, gluten stuffed meat and so on ten dishes. After the pasta demonstration and the lunch, we also happily carried out songs and dances and other entertainment performances. Through the Chinese noodle production demonstration and tasting neighborhood small fund activities, resulting in the promotion of a variety of pasta in China, enhance the communication and friendship between the neighborhoods, make new friends, but also enrich the life of the neighborhood, promote the harmony and unity of the community, promote the integration of multi-cultural community. Thank you very much for the small fund project gave us a neighborhood harmony, multi-cultural touch of an opportunity, but also to promote the Chinese pasta production skills, has made great gains! Thank you for the NSG, thank you NSG coordinator for the hard work! Thank you!

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