Growing up, I was born into a family where I never worried about what my next meal would be or where I would sleep that night. One summer I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to India and volunteered at a Missions Center dedicated to abandoned women and girls. The center provides them with a home, opportunities, and education. It truly was eye-opening. Despite having so little, the women and girls there were always filled with laughter and joy. From this trip, it really showed me the power that love and kindness can have on someone’s life. This encouraged me to start Project PacKit, I wanted to create care packets that would spread love, hope, and positivity to anyone in need.

Through Y-SNG, I was able to create hygiene care packets. I wanted to put together care packets that would be applicable to anyone and could be used long-term. In each care packet, I included socks, razors, soap, floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Additionally, I incorporated the skills that I learned during my sewing class at school. Since I wanted to make each packet unique and special I hand-sewed the bags so that they can be reused. I successfully distributed 25 care packets to homeless and struggling individuals.

At first, I was nervous to hand out these care packets, since I would be meeting all different types of people and I usually am a reserved and shy individual. However, I was only met with happy smiles and lots of “thank-you’s”. At first glance, they may not look like everybody else, but by looking beyond that they are someone who has endured and overcomed so many hardships throughout their lives. Showing me that no matter who, everyone deserves to be loved even if it is through a small care package.

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