The Nepali community in Metro Vancouver has mostly new immigrants and they are very new to this country’s culture. Living in the completely new country with new environment, new people, new foods, etc is always challenging to all new immigrants and it effects specially to the kids. The kids are very shy to speak in front of the too many people in the classroom. Thus, Urbasi Tamang and I organized this program with the logistic help from the local organization Nepali Canadian Women’s Society of BC on October 19th Saturday at the Surrey Central Library. The turned out was amazing with 27 young kids from 5 years to 12. The kids participated very interestingly. The kids under 8 years have learned how to introduce themselves and their friends at the public, whereas kids above 8 years learnt how to prepare a simply speech and say in front of too many people. They even got a chance to practice it. The parents were very grateful and requested if we can continue this kind of workshops at least one in three months. Thanks to Oak Neighbourhood Hub Society for support us financially to run this community workshop.

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