NSG Pumpkin Patch October 25/23

I enjoy farming and gardening and have always wanted to grow a pumpkin patch to share. My past work experience has given me skills to plan, create and organize. Having the space and ability, I applied for a Neighbourhood Small Grant.

The garden itself is 50’ X 50’. Being fenced in by corral panels I knew it would be safe to have the sheep, goats and donkey walk around on the outside of the pumpkin garden.

A few silhouettes and a booth were built for photo opportunities. Where the farm animals could walk in and safely visit. This was a big hit as being part of the pumpkin patch visit.

Starting in May, I grew sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos. They shared the rows with 40 pumpkin plants. I had ended up with 120 pumpkins.

“Pumpkin Patch and Everything Pumpkin” is a page I created on Facebook. Appointments were needed as I could see this idea was being well received. I bought 60 more pumpkins and staged them all around the patch.

School classes, social groups, clubs, families and seniors had booked a time for a visit. The look of wonderment and excitement as the kids hunted for the right pumpkin, was priceless. Including the fun of having the farm animals look on, taking turns at the booth for snuggles and pets with Willy the goat and Lobo the donkey.

From babies to seniors, we had a total of 322 people come through the pumpkin patch. I have encouraged visitors to share their pictures, recipes and everything pumpkin. This is another great way to share our community with family and friends.

I would encourage anyone who has an idea, to apply for a grant and start sharing your project. I am glad I did.

Project Leader: Lorraine O’Connor

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