My project was a great success, and my participants are looking forward to participating in more such events in the future.

I had an overwhelming response to my project and ended up in 15 families joining us. We had two ZOOM meetings and at the first one we had a guest speaker who shared a lot of fascinating facts about puzzles and amazing tips as well.
Participants had about 4 weeks to complete their puzzles but most of them were done in less than a week! Just before our second ZOOM meeting, which was also our celebration night, I e-transferred money to participants for their pizza. I had a trivia and opportunities for participants to share about their experiences in the project. It was interesting to see what people discovered about themselves and how they overcame their challenges.

I am proud to share that my project has succeeded in connecting family members and most participants with one another. It was a joy to see them share how happy they were creating their projects with their families. Most of them requested that the activity continue, in the form of a club so that people could keep it going all year long. People not only had fun, but they also had a chance to learn about VF and the role of BNH in NSG projects. My project has also inspired a few participants who are likely to organise their own events through NSG in the future.

Thanks to VF and BNH for giving me this wonderful opportunity!
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