Following two reschedulings due to extreme heat, our block party, “Post Covid Reconnections,” came together on September 18th, 2022.  It was a glorious day, and many old and new connections were made.   One of the neighbours organized music, another brought along their larger barbeque, others brought in tables and chairs, and everyone brought along a food item to share with all.

We had one table designated for both the media release form and to update our email and telephone list.   The email/ telephone listing document was then subsequently circulated to all those opting in for both connecting and also for emergency check-ins.  The general conversation often turned to how we can support each other during an emergency, how to support and check in on those that live alone and are ageing, and generally how to continue to make our small street ‘one of the best in town’.

Another table held the material about Neighbourhood Small Grant, along with optional face masks and sanitizers.

One team took over all the barbecuing, several others took over serving up the salad station and most welcome dessert table, and each individual organized their own condiments.

We sat outside mid-way through the street, which had town permission to block off (with emergency vehicle access) and with good music, good food and good company, it was a wonderful afternoon.   Every one ended with ‘let’s do this again next year’!  There is no doubt that this party brought our new neighbours together, reconnected those that we hadn’t seen in a long time due to Covid restrictions and created – yet again – a wonderful sense of community.

Thank you so very much for your funding of our event; we are so very appreciative!!

Hilary and Joyce


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