On August 16, 2020, Soul Circle Mandalas, facilitator Kathleen Kinasewich was able to bring a wonderful Mandala workshop to Merritt Community : ( Nicola Valley Arts Council) this was made possible by the generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation. Following guidelines for Covid-19 safety, physical distancing,mask-wearing and sanitizing we moved forward with a workshop that was so welcomed by those who attended, The theme for our workshop was “Remembering” our way Home, through process art facilitation the group of 6 were in a circle creating magnificent mandalas from the heart. The group of mostly artists found a very different way of looking at their unplanned creativity while experiencing their artistic expression of finding their way home to a place within, without judgement, without planning but with strong Intention that they set at the start. They learned about the history of the mandala as well. The second half of our workshop was full-on in the expression of remembering your way home, the group was able to find this place of expression and all the results were amazingly beautiful and filled with each person’s individual story attached.
I want to thank the Vancouver Foundation, Nicola Valley Arts and the attendees for being able to bring such a wonderful artistic experience to the community during our times. The workshop was so needed and so very welcomed by all. It is my hope that their mandalas will be incorporated into the Fall exhibit the Gallery- titled “Remembering” and also move forward with the Street Art mandalas, the share that positive energy with all that come into to see it.

Comments from group
*The workshop was a totally positive, pleasant experience
*I would absolutely take another workshop from Kathleen, it was a great experience
*Thanks for guiding me back home
*I am so looking forward to another workshop, painting mandala on stones, definitely a positive experience
* I hope to take her grief and or awakening Mandala workshop
* Low-pressure creativity, just what we needed during these times
* Was great to break away from my routine

The comments were so very inspiring for me continue bringing workshops to the community in Merritt and sharing the healing ability Art and how we look at our deepest connections to creativity.

Thanks again
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