Though Halloween is classically meant to be eerie and dark, it is quite depressing when you live on a street that is deserted on Halloween. We moved into the 500 block on Kelly street 2 years ago and were very disappointed to have less then 10 trick or treaters come to our new home. This was just not acceptable. Having grown up in a bustling Halloween street, I remember the magic, sense of community and fun it had been just outside my door. From then on my mission was to revive the neighborhood.
But how? 
I thought, what are the bare essentials necessary for any outdoor adventure? Shelter, warmth, food and drink!
I knew the only way to get this started was to obtain a grant from the Neighbourhood small grants program. When I heard of the grant my inspiration and ideas were endless. Rest in Peace on Kelly Street was born. 
This year we attracted over 300 people to our block. We continue to receive endless “thank yous” from our neighbours, New Westminster community and those beyond our borders! Not bad from the 10 trick- or- treaters we had before.
Thank you Neighbourhood Small Grants!

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