Pandemic will be over, life will continue. Yes, the world is entering into a new era with new challenge. It is a new normal. However, no one should have forgot our original attitude and our original intention. Friends and neighbours need to ee-connect, to be “closer” while keeping social distance. Come to join us on Zoom, say hello to each other, share your favorite, and most importantly, remember, Richmond, we are still together. And we made it. Through five zoom sharing, there had been about 240 friends and neighbors who joined us online.

Community activities on Zoom :

1. Food show/sharing
A) Salted Duck, August 1,2020
—by Yuanyuan Liu

B) Cream Puff. August 15,2020
——by Monica Zhang

2. Public seminar: “Sharing of college life “. July 3rd, 2020. 2.5 hours By Andrew Feng, UBC Science ; Winnie GUO, UC Berkley; Alice Li, University of Waterloo; Chase Yang, University of Toronto ;

3. Public seminar: August 7, 2020 “Get to know psychological defence during the pandemic” by Psychologist。 Cheryl Qi

4. Running stories and sharing May 30, 2020. By Xiang Yu. “Running changed my life”
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