I perform The Salute to the Sun Yoga routine every day. As a person with auto-immune disorders (Lupus & Fibromyalgia) I find the complete full body stretch and movement indispensable.
I applied for the grant hoping to create a series of ZOOM *get-togethers* to teach this wonderful practice to others.
It was a time of Covid.
We were locked down, shut in, isolated.
I believed a series of ZOOM classes that would be accessible to all would have a number of benefits beyond the obvious.
I was very pleased to have been offered a grant to do a One-Time ZOOM Class.
I thought the most difficult part was going to be choosing a day and time for the class when I felt the most people possible would be able to attend! Advertising was actually more difficult in many ways, but the biggest challenge turned out trying to find an area where I could broadcast the one-time live ZOOM class.
I drove to every public park from Courtenay to Campbell River to check the internet reception. I was panicking as the advertised day drew closer, as reception on my devices was proving to be a problem.
In the end, one of my clients offered me the use of her beautifully manicured back yard and use of her WiFi!
The One Time Zoom class had 40 people tune in to learn The Salute to the Sun routine and ask questions about the routine I use.
It was an amazing experience overall, in spite of the stressful parts.
Having never broadcast myself doing yoga before, it was a a steep learning curve and I was very thankful I had followed a friends advice to do a practice run with her in ZOOM the day before.
The neighbours cat decided my iPad was a good rubbing toy and knocked it off it’s easel a little more than halfway through the broadcast, which must have looked hilarious to my class attendees.
I learned how to set up a zoom to broadcast a yoga routine, how to coax a cat to leave, how to recover from a laughable accident with grace and how to teach yoga without actually SEEING my students!
I am immensely grateful for having been given this opportunity to share a daily routine that has given so much to my health and well-being to others, in a time of Covid, a challenging time for health and well-being.

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