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Neighbourhood Small Grants, CFSOS & The Township of Princeton.

Our subdivision of approximately 35 homes in Area H of Princeton, BC is so pleased to have been able to gather and do a community beautification project.

Myself and Neighbour whom I’ve waved at but never really engaged decided to put the application in for new entrance signs into our small neighbourhood. The signs that were up are well over 20 years old and although they were originally done by hand by a local couple these individuals have long left the area and the signs are looking very weary and not reflecting the beautiful area that we all now call home.
The extent of the project was over a 4 day period within a month long time span, 2 days of area cleaning weeding and garbage removal; 1 day of signage prep: grinding, painting and removal of some of the old existing sign. And the final gathering “ THE REVEAL” to install the signage and do the last of the area rockery and foliage clearing.

I created the original poster to inform and engage the hood, Marj hand-delivered the notices and got some email addresses of those that showed interest in the beginning. Our concept art was well-received but one of the neighbours took it a step further and improved upon our thoughts which was wonderful so the artwork for the signs was submitted by one of our own residents!

We had different volunteers for each of the prep days and most of these and many others showed up for the installation day. We had a total of 16 individuals representing the area and had 10 that were available for the day of the installation and reveal.

After the install gathering – we walked the hood to make sure we had all the correct names and addresses of those that had input and/or physical commitments in the project and I can honestly say the talk on the streets was excitement and pride!!!

They’re talking about adding some greenery in the spring and perhaps solar lights to accent the signage. It’s amazing what $500 can achieve we were right on budget for hard costs and all the little extras were happily donated in kind.

A project of pride and connection – well done San Ang! Super happy to have been able to spearhead this fun project and so nice to meet you all!
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