We had a sparse garden plot next to our local elementary school. The goal, with the help of the grant, was to purchase some supplies to help create little areas of play and learning throughout the garden. We were able to purchase items to create a magical little fairy garden area, a duck pond miniature area, forest animal (bear, moose beaver etc.) area and of course a magical fairy tree door so the fairies were able to come and visit. 🙂

I coordinated with the principle to establish the goal and to see what was needed. The teachers worked together to come up with a wish list to help create a wonderful garden center for the kids to learn, laugh and play in.

There are many plans for the future to expand the garden offerings and this year the PAC for the school organized the addition of a bee hive to the garden, so this area will surely be buzzing with excitement for years to come.

Thanks to the Neighborhood Small Grants we were able to get a great start on this project. Thank you!

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