We were very excited to deliver activity packages to seniors in the Fort Nelson community. Knowing how isolated folks were, and continue to be, during this COVID-19 pandemic, created a deep desire to help brighten some days for those who were struggling to navigate this unanticipated situation. The folks who received packages were very grateful and happy to get them. The packages contained books, treats and other literacy activities including brain games, word searches and reflective guided journals.

One challenge was that we had a hard time getting the packages out into the community. With facilities closed to outside parties, it was tricky to sort out how to distribute the packages. In some cases, we were not able to deliver them. Another challenge was that some seniors have motor and mobility issues some of the items in the packages were not useful to them. Next time, we would prepare some different types of packages for the diverse needs and abilities of the demographic.

All in all, the project went very well and we were so pleased to be able to help distribute some useful activities and tools to seniors in the Fort Nelson community.
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