It took place on Oct.30th afternoon, 2021. There were 24 people attending the Zoom meeting, though more than 45 people knew the information of this event. I heard that they could not attend this event, because they could not go online.

At the event, everyone made a speech according to the pictures that were taken in advance. They shared their love stories with each other. There were all kinds of topics, like challenging new dishes or baking cakes, doing exercises, getting close to nature, making vegetables and flowers, receiving vaccination shots and looking after family members. Everyone was moved by the stories.

The event was very successful, because they said they liked the event and they felt a sense of belonging after the event.

Because the volunteers in our neighbors helped me a lot to hold this event, we all got a wonderful event that day. I want to say Thanks for them.

I purchased a bunch of stuff as gifts with NSG money for people who attended my event and passed the gifts to them at a safe place.

Thanks for NSG program, we all had a very, very nice time!
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