With fingers crossed the sun had finally arrived after a very wet 3 weeks in Sept 2019. As a precautions several pop-up tents magically sprung up protecting the music system, the food and Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness display, (DEEP). DEEP provided tons on free emergency preparedness pamphlets , Map Your Neighbourhood, (MYN)booklets and sign up sheets for 2 MYN presentations. The first one is happening 22 Oct 2019 with 6 families attending and another session in Jan 2020.
Families came and left throughout the afternoon. The children enjoyed many treats, water balloons fights, street drawing, bubbles and several lawn games while the adults met with several new neighbours, over ate and mellowed out with great music.
The highlight for the 45-50 residents out on the street at the time was the arrival of the Firetruck. The crew spent over an hour talking to the adults, handouts to the kids and explanations of all the equipment. The younger children enjoyed trying on the firefighters gear and sitting behind the steering wheel.
This annual event has brought the neighbourhood together to the point most neighbours will stop and talk to each other. Allows us to meet the new neighbours and renew friendships as well as improve neighbour awareness

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