It was on 21st Oct,  a beautiful day, around 25 SunShine Choir members and some of their audiences gathered in a Fleetwood house for a Performance Party.

Different types of small choruses were performed. All the audiences enjoyed very much and our demonstration was recorded by some pictures and videos. The instructor Ms. Zhou made some comments on the specific skills and feelings of our singings. The future plan of our choir was warmly discussed after the demonstration.

Everybody had a wonderful time at the party and felt great pleasure and appreciation that Surrey City funding this kind of community activity.
As population grows in this large area, Surry becomes more and more attractive in Greater Vancouver. We are looking forward to a brighter future in Surreal y. We hope the City could set up more innovative programs that bring immigrants with different backgrounds onto the same social platforms to build Surrey into a more united, hectic and prosperous community.

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