The 2021 Christmas was extremely cold with snowy weather and rising cases of Omicron variant. This Christmas was also special and sweet for the families at Holly community who participated in a neighborhood event of sharing, inspiring and having fun, thanks to the sponsorship of Neighborhood Small Grants (NSG) and Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives (RCRG).

On December 28, 2021, 7 Holly families of 25 people participated in the “Sound of Christmas”—Holly Community Online Party. During the online party, each family presented a talent show to celebrate Christmas, shared their Christmas wisdoms including stories, experiences and tips to inspire others, and had a lot of fun from exchanging Christmas presents and prizes in the end.

The online party lasted for only 1 and half hours. But before the party, all families worked hard to prepare their talent shows, Christmas wisdoms and presents. And like always, our neighbors were so supportive and cooperative that they were always there for this event and each other when someone is in need. As a result, we could enjoy those wonderful piano playing, self-recorded video, Christmas drama, chorus, stories, etc. And we got to know more about our neighbors and community.

Due to schedule conflict, some neighborhood families couldn’t join the online party. However, they were very supportive and shared many good resources and tips they know for the winter, such as tips for outdoor exercise, water pipe maintenance/repair in cold weather, good Christmas books and movies, recipes, stories, lighting resorts, etc.
(Link for these wisdom sharings:

Apart from sharing Christmas wisdoms, we purchased some hand wash and hand creams with the NSG to give to our neighbors or let them share with those who might need it. We also expressed our gratitude by sending some small gifts to the postmen, garbage collectors, and bus drivers who had been working hard to make our community an even better place.

“Christmas is a time to reflect, care for each other and have fun.” Adhering to this spirit, our Holly community celebrated our 2021 Christmas in such an inspiring and fun way. Thanks again for the sponsorship and support of NSG and RCRG!
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