Thanks to neighbor Small Grants we were able to publish a 100 copies of the independent Magazine called Serendipity, with the intention of reaching out to the community of Kelowna, BC and allowing some visibility to some of the folks who currently reside in Supportive Housing.
Supportive housing is a form of subsidized housing with onsite supports for single adults, seniors and people with diversabilities who might have experienced or might be at risk of being unhoused with the intention of finding and maintaining a stable housing.
In this magazine, 8 participants share their stories, photography, and poems with the intention of showing different lifestyles, talk about their experience in the hopes of sharing a bit of their lives and creating an open dialogue to some of the barriers that they have in the past or they might currently struggle with as well as showcasing their day to day life and past experiences.
We are really grateful for having been given the opportunity of validating our participant’s efforts.
One of the things that I believe is also worth mentioning is that Okanagan Museums has expressed interest in allowing us to do a presentation of our material in Okanagan Museums with a small event. Fingers crossed that we can make this all work out, which wouldn’t have been possible with the support of this Grant!
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