It was an effort by Taranga Sangeet Academy to present classical and semi classical music to our audience. Performers were all students of Taranga Sangeet Academy. Our school follows the footsteps of Mewati Gharana. 
We had a full house (between 100 to 120 people approximately). 
Feedback from audience was very encouraging. People were happy to see how young school going boys and girls (born on foreign soil) are trying to learn the cultural side of their roots through music and presentation. 
Support from NSG was very much appreciated in terms of providing us with a professional photographer who did a splendid job in capturing all the magic moments of our events. A beautiful memory created for us through her lenses… our sincere gratitude.
The funding has been useful in terms of partly helping us to secure the venue, renting all the sound system gadgets, paying musician. 
For future, it would be most helpful if maybe we can get a bigger funding amount. We wish to host our event in better venues where the acoustics will be better and a sound technician is provided by the hall. A professional sound technician can enrich our musical presentation through his knowledge of sound management. However, as they do not come cheap, a better funding amount will certainly help us and will be appreciated.

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