At the TEDxBowenIsland event there were 5 speakers and a total of 17 audience members. There were also 5 voulenteers, who helped with the overall running of the event. So in total there were 27 people who participated.

I think that the TEDxBowenIsland event has helped people on bowen who do not regurally get an opportunity to share their ideas a chance to share those ideas with the community, and I hope that it can become a yearly event for people in the community.

I wanted a space where people in the community could share their ideas, and because there is such a diverse population of people on Bowen Island I wanted to be able to share these ideas with the rest of the community. I think that I would say that I have achieved what I set out to accomplish with the TEDxBowenIsland event.

I gained a lot of insight about how to organize and run an event. I also got a chance to learn how to work more with different types of people. I also gained insight about more people who live in the community and their ideas that they have, everyone has such amazing and different ideas, and it was really nice to see how even within a community just how many different ideas there where. I also learned more about my community members, and Bowen Island in general.

The most surprising event to occur was getting the screen to work properly with the sun. The most memorable moment was when every speaker came out and did their talks and when they finished the applauding and sense of accomplishment coming from the speakers, I felt very proud that they were able to speak and I was very happy about the outcomes of all the talks.
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