Dear NSG Leaders and Coordinators:
We are the NSG project ” The big party of mass singing and dancing, musical instruments, models, recitation ” applicant Xu Baogai and Xu Zhixiang。 We have been planned, prepared and held large-scale party, completed the task。The following is our summary.
Our aim is to let our neighbors and friends of all ethnic groups free and happy together! Everyone is an audience, everyone is an actor! Appreciate the music exchange skills, the multi-national culture! Talk about life, exchange feelings, sublimation sentiment finally reached: neighborhood friends help each other, solidarity and love! Each program introduces you to its content and special skills.
On October 17, 2019, we held a big party of mass singing and dancing, musical instruments, models, recitation。 In order to make more neighbors come to our party, we through posters, WeChat, email and other methods to promote the content of our NSG, mobilize them to participate in the event, through the event to familiar with each other, mutual exchange, mutual learning, make the neighborhoods of the community more harmonious. At 9 a.m., the neighborhoods of the community continued to come to our event, and we invited folk bands, models, singing teams and dance teams, who dressed up and cheered to attend our big party. The folk band is composed of 15 people, they performed “Jiangnan early spring”, “good days” and other music, their performance has been warmly welcomed by everyone. Singing is everyone’s favorite program, there is choral, duet, trio, group singing, performance singing and other forms, but also Yue opera, Beijing Opera and other dramas, wonderful performing. Model show is a popular program, the actors walk the dance steps, revealing the girls beautiful image. Dance program is also colorful, the solo dance “Buckwheat Flower” vividly performed the girl to celebrate the harvest of the scene, “hand-walking” through the hand-walking stick to change various movements reflect the men’s majestic scene, dance “beautiful grassland my home” is a Mongolian dance, head on the bowl, reflecting the happy life of the Mongolian people. From 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., nearly 40 programs were performed, followed by a friendship dance party, and the neighborhoods danced to each other, dancing to the music and enjoying a wonderful happy hour, with 58 people taking part in the event. At noon we also carried out a gathering, rich and delicious food, some of the food is Xu Baogai organized the neighborhood to cook personally, we eat and chat, mutual understanding, mutual exchange, enhance trust, increase friendship. We’ve done a good job of NSG projects.
Thank you, NSG Leaders and Coordinators for your help and Guidance.
Applicants: Xu Baogai, Xu Zhixiang

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