In 2021, I was having a fascinating conversation with my colleagues on passion. My boss ended up going off on a tangent (it happens often with him) on one of his passions, the Fibonacci sequence. It went on for at least five minutes. Eventually, he cut himself off by saying, “I’m sorry, I could talk about this all night. Moving on.”

And I realized, I could listen to him talk about it all night. I was never a fan of anything math related like the Fibonacci sequence, but his clear passion for the topic had me enthralled and learning something new. Suddenly, the idea for a ‘Passion Potluck’ blossomed in my mind.

Thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant, I was empowered to turn idea into reality and hosted the first ever Passion Potluck on August 12, 2022. A group of eight strangers gathered together that summer evening to enjoy good food and passionate conversation. Everyone contributed something to the evening. For most people, it was a dish to enjoy as part of the potluck dinner. We enjoyed the flavours of Mexico, Southern USA, Italy, and China over a long-table dinner.

One person brought something different to the event. One person brought their passion. Nina Zetchus is the owner of Luna Float, a mom, and works full time with the Vancouver Foundation. After dinner, Nina engaged the group in a dialogue on her passion: floating — what it is, the benefits, and how she discovered the practice.

It was an evening of endless conversation on meaningful topics, community support, and forging new connections. With the success of the event, a second volume of the Passion Potluck was then hosted on October 6, 2022.

View more photos from the Passion Potluck here:
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