The Pit Stop Youth Party was held in Surrey at Freemason Hall at the address 14042 Grosvenor Road. The party officially began at 6PM, and included food, snacks, drinks and a live DJ.
We are pleased to have cooperated with the Small Grants Program to bring the vision of “The Pit Stop” to life for the Youths of Surrey. The idea of the Teen party was to gather the Youth in a movement that is a collaboration of fine arts ad talents. With this first Event, 20 teens showed up to the party which was held on August 24th 2019 at the Free Mason Hall in Surrey. On the day of the event, every detail was being put into place, decorations were being put up as well as food was being prepared for the evening. The Hall was full of excitement and anticipating, as this event was to bring together Youth with all kind of background and interests in arts and culture. With the help of some volunteers, we were able to successfully make it happen after months of planning and meeting. The Youth party went very well, as the teens were well behaved, obedient, and pleasant to be around. The Hall was left the way it was given to us, this is due to how well the teen behaved. The outside of the hall was properly maintained and there were no complaints from the owner of the Hall. There were no disturbances with the surrounding neighbors, which was appreciated by the owner of the Hall.
In order to promote the event, there were some strategies put into place to allow for information to flow to the proper demographics we were wanting to reach. There was an online flyer created and broadcasted on social media. Youths reached out in curiosity from community centres in Surrey Centre, Guildford, and Newton. The idea was planted in them and so it was through word of mouth that the messaged was passed. There were dance groups in the community centres who showed interested in The idea of The Pit Stop project. Parents and Community leaders were spoken to regarding the project, and it was received with great enthusiasm as this was a way to gather Youth to do something productive and creative as they see a lack in the community especially when it comes to affordable extra-curricular activities and The Arts.
The idea of making an impact on the community was appealing to the Youth who showed up. This first Youth party was gathering youths to build their own committee to plan other teen events or workshops in Hair, Makeup, Fashion, Dance, Drama and many more. It is pleasing to know that there are Youths within the community who are interested in shaping the vision of the community. With a Youth committee, it will be exciting to see what they will come up with for future projects with the Pit Stop.

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