The Shoe Box Project Ucluelet
The Shoe Box Project idea was to fill shoe boxes with arts and crafts and gift them out to people in the Community of Ucluelet/ Tofino before Christmas. Creative Crafting gift!
My intention was to use money from the sales of my own artwork which I did. I started the project by crafting up the boxes. On a whim I applied for the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Neighborhood small grant, not really expecting anything out of it.
Then I posted on my FB my Shoe Box Idea, not to gain any support but because I think it’s a great idea.
Soon, I was receiving messages from people who wanted to support my project, then I received a call from CBT to say I was approved for their Neighborhood small grant.
I am so thrilled, overjoyed, and full of gratitude to all the folks who reached out. The Shoe Box idea has snowballed into a project where I was able to add Co-op gift certificates and either a Thay Tea or Barkley Café gift card to each box as well as all the arts and crafting goodies! I am so proud to share this project with the community. A heartfelt thank you to CBT and everyone for your support!
The real joy was filling the boxes and delivering them.
Dec 16, 2021 In total I gifted out 21 shoe boxes (initially 18 were to be done)! Three were created specifically for individuals which included the gift cards as well as socks, gloves, a travel mug, and a few extras. The rest were filled with arts and crafts supplies. The ripple effect was created with folks adding in kind content and funds (which allowed for the extra gift cards), I never solicited for anything, people stepped up because they liked the idea.
Others nominated people whom they thought could use some crafting cheer, eight boxes were delivered to the Women’s Resource Centre.
Thank you to my husband for driving me around to deliver to unsuspecting recipients. The box included a note that read,
Please accept this Creative Crafting Gift on behalf of Wonders of Open Wings, Art by Kelly, partnered with Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Neighborhood Small Grant and several other generous folks.
This is not a Christmas Present – it is a gift of crafting, either make something for yourself or for someone else.
We all need to feel like a kid from time to time and what better way than to engage in some arts and crafts.
As an extra bonus there are a couple of gift cards inside, I hope these will make you smile!
#TheShoeBoxProject Ucluelet, #lovetogift #gratitude
Life is better if you can put a smile on someone’s face!
If you would like to share a photograph, please email it to or in the subject line write: #TheShoeBoxProject Ucluelet

Thank you for supporting my desire to spread some creative cheer! Kelly (there would be a little heart here if I knew how to insert one)

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