The project went well! We worked in collaboration with the Richmond Public Library – Ironwood Branch in hosting a community table to bring awareness to the TRC 94 Calls to Action and Reconciliation.

The objective of this project was to bring attention and exposure to the Calls to Action and injustices within the Indigenous Community at large.

We asked participants if they recognized anything on our table and asked them to share what that was. A lot of students and children recognized the Every Child Matters poster and images from Phyllis Webstad’s story.

Participants were excited to share with us what they knew about Indigenous art, culture and reconciliation and what they have learned. Some students shared art they had made in school and knowledge they had learned from guests in the class.

This event was promoted through our Instagram and Facebook pages @thesocialechoes as we encouraged people from our community to come out and join us.

Our visitors primary consisted of young children and their parents, school-aged students (grade 2-5) and high school students.

We displayed laminated posters, colouring sheets, the 94 Call to Action documents, two laptops one with The Flight of the Hummingbird and one with the 94 Calls to Actions with images.

The Library set up our table in front of artwork by Kim Soo Goodtrack and created a book display.
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