As we come out of the “great pause” of this pandemic, we all have experienced hope in different ways. I saw hope embedded in the art of my neighbour, Evgeny. He started displaying his art publicly outside his home during the height of the pandemic to encourage and inspire those that walked by his exhibition. They impacted me greatly, so I asked him to consider a bigger project with support from Neighbourhood Small Grants.

It took a committed group of supporters to get this project to completion including a small band of neighbours on the night before installation to transport , install, touch up his project – a mural inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”.

The small gathering of neighbours conveyed so clearly of what I believe Evgeny wanted to reflect in his art – a longing for connection – to be physically present with one another. It was life-giving to me to be on the path of re-connection with my neighbours.

Just like Michelangelo’s masterpiece of God’s imminent touch breathing life into Adam and ultimately to all mankind, I was given life by being breathed on(mask and all) by a spirit of collaboration, service, care, joy, openness, reciprocity from my neighbours.

Let’s Play again!
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