As a new father, I started looking for books, podcasts and resources that spoke to the fatherhood journey.

Quickly, I realized that there wasn’t much available. While prenatal classes and books were available, most of the content was written from one perspective or by mothers. These books were indeed useful, but something was lacking.

Seeing this gap, I saw a unique opportunity to create a platform for dads to share their experiences with one another through a podcast series. Enter “2 Dads 1 Car”. In this project, I invited local dads to hop in my car for a 30-minute drive, and we would chat about modern fatherhood.‭

This has been a remarkable journey in all respects.

The dads in the podcast were open and genuine, surpassing all expectations. We delved deep into topics like single parenthood, raising neurodiverse children and post-patrum depression.

The project provided valuable insights into the diverse experiences of fathers in our community and highlighted the need for platforms encouraging open dialogue among dads. It also emphasized the positive impact such initiatives can have on community connections.

‭For example, we had Darren, an officer with the Vancouver Police Department‬‭ and father of three, talking about balancing shift work and family life. Another guest, James, shared the ups and downs of trying to have children for the past two years, shedding light on a situation that many men might be facing alone. We even had Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan on the podcast, talking about his transition from the Olympics to fatherhood.

So here is my call to action. If you know of any dads navigating fatherhood, please encourage them to check out “2 Dads 1 Car” at or find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube. Sharing this could make a real difference for dads seeking connection, guidance and community.

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