This project initially started in early 2019 when we noticed ourselves and the peers around us struggling during exam season when feelings of stress, hopelessness, and isolation were extra prevalent while living on campus. To help others feel less alone, we placed posters around our campus to let people know that we would love to send them a personalized card with stickers to remind them of their worth despite the circumstances they were going through. We hoped to bring them a smile on challenging days, such as those during exam seasons. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of many in the past year. Since then, we have been working hard to expand the project beyond UBC students to everyone in the community – Vancouver, Canada, or beyond. Additionally, we have been working to create small care packages to send with the cards. This includes small gift cards to local stores, stickers, or sweets to encourage everyone to practice self-care.

We believe that everyone deserves respect, love, support, safety, and to feel worthy. Our hope is for no one to feel like they have to fight their battles alone. It is a huge dream we want to attain, but we are determined to make a difference by taking the small steps towards it, one letter at a time.

In just the past four months, with the help of the Vancouver Foundation through the NSG, we were able to send out over 35 messages of hope, encouragement, and support to many individuals in the Vancouver community and abroad! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been so appreciative of the opportunity to run the project. We continue to work hard creating cards, promoting the project, obtaining gift cards, and making upbeat stickers to go in the letter package.

We hope to continue expanding the project and writing to anyone who needs the reminder that they’re not alone, strong, and the world is better with them.
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