On Sept. 28, the stars aligned to unite 130 Western Red Cedar saplings with 130 West Coast kids in Grade 2 and 3. OCN Garden Centre in Tofino ordered the baby trees and they were delivered on schedule. I dropped off a box of babies trees to the elementary schools in Tofino and Ucluelet and a third box was saved to go by boat to the elementary school in Ahousaht.
In addition to the trees, I also included a copy of the book 'Worth More Growing', a unique anthology featuring youth poets speaking about their love and respect for trees.
One of the Tofino teachers was overjoyed with the gift. She said she spent the afternoon reading the poems and her students decorated the paper bags that they took their sapling home in.
I'm not sure where the kids planted their trees… But it makes me so happy to know that the little plants are out there growing, making the planet a better place to be.
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