We set the date for a Frog&Toad gathering, then went around the community with a brochure about the toad migration and an invitation to attend a neighbourhood party to learn about local wetlands. We made a special effort to involve people who live on the various wetlands in the area, going door to door, inviting newcomers and people we didn’t know, as well as neighbours familiar with TWIG. 45 people attended; several people had never seen the local wetlands or had any idea they were as extensive as they are, because access to these
ponds are on private properties. The Tsolum River Restoration Society provided displays of maps and projects within the Tsolum Watershed. They also provided information about invasive species of animals & plants. A local bullfrog hunter displayed traps and offered advice about how to
control the invasive Bullfrog.

The highlight of the gathering was the cooking, serving and tasting of
delicious Bullfrog legs, caught locally. This event brought our neighbourhood together after a long period of
CoVid isolation. People met each other, and found common interests with the monitoring & protection of this unique wetland ecosystem.

Quotes from Neighbours
“We haven’t seen any more toads since the frog&toad party. Hope next year has a
bigger crop of toads.”

“The Frog and Toad party is great opportunity to learn about toad activity in our
neighbourhood and to meet others who also care about preserving the Western

“Thanks again for inviting us. It was great to see the ponds and taste the Bullfrog legs
for the first time. Yummy. We had no idea they were a local ‘delicacy’.”

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