The idea for this event originated from the Asian tradition of elders coming together to dance for exercise and social interaction. When these elders moved to Canada, they missed this beloved activity, and we saw an opportunity to introduce them to K-pop as a fun way to recreate those bonds.
Our event aims to bring different generations together and break down age barriers. We welcome everyone and anyone!
I am Sophie Tseng, a passionate K-pop dancer. We will be leading the serial events and sharing our passion for dance and Korean pop culture.

**Event Highlights:**
– K-pop dance tutorials featuring popular hits.
– A warm-up session with K-pop music.
– Insights into the history and culture of K-pop from a Korean instructor.
– Participants create their dance clips.
– Enjoying Korean snacks and drinks.

**Communication with the neighbourhoods**
– Poster in stores and building billboard
– Event invitation in community group chat
– Publish event information on Eventbrite
– Email blast to friends and families

**Event outcome**
More than 30 people joined this event, including elders, middle-aged couples, and families with young kids. We introduced and tutored 3 pieces of dance highlights of popular K-pop songs. Everybody was excited to keep up with the new moves and seemed to enjoy what they learned a lot!
We also had opportunities to get to know neighbourhood members and chat a bit while enjoying Korean snacks and drinks.
We believe that our event is not only a great local story but also a testament to the power of culture in bridging gaps and bringing people together.

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