It went really well. I would describe the afternoon as calm, relaxing yet energizing for everyone. Our volunteers worked well together before, during and after [to make the free workshop happen]. We had 21 registered participants, and 17 came. Our volunteers filled the vacant seats to participate, bringing the total number of class participants to 20, our grant objective.

I loved how all the children participated. We had 7 children with the youngest being 7 years old. They were eager to learn and enthusiastic. The adults were also very focused on their blue jay paintings and enjoyed the class, some being their very first watercolour class.

We brought art to the community and achieved what we wanted to do, which is engaging and connecting people and community neighbourhoods through art. I think the last comment [from a participant] sums it up nicely: "What a lovely, calming class. Richard did an excellent job of sharing his knowledge in a fun, low-pressure way. Thank you for the funding that made it possible to do art in community."

NSG is such a great opportunity. I appreciated it. The volunteers did too. And the community showed up, participated enthusiastically and was most appreciative that the class was made possible by a Neighbourhood Small Grant… I would love to do this again.
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