With support from the Neighborhood Small Grant, we set up a group on a social media platform called WeChat last year. With automobiles as a common topic of interest, we share and demonstrate basic vehicle maintenance skills, knowledge and discuss handling tools and testing equipment.
In the group, we post information regarding vehicle maintenance trivia and common issues, we share safe-driving experiences and information, and we discuss features and functions of vehicles and tires.
I have also done some demonstrations of basic vehicle maintenance for small groups of 3 to 5 people. I showed participants how to do engine oil changes properly, how to change engine air filter, cabin air filter, and wiper blades, how to check tire pressure and install spare tires, and how to get basic specs and vehicle information from manufacturers. I often get feedback from group members, many of them telling me that they have found potential problems during their vehicle inspections, or that by using the skills I have taught to them, they have helped someone else who couldn’t start their vehicle or who had flat tires.
To build a closer relationship in our community, we hosted a BBQ this August. More than 80 people from about 28 families attended this event at Bear Creek Park, Surrey.

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