The Wee Care Program of Piece Arch Quilters provides quilts for the babies as they leave the neo natal unit of Surrey Memorial Hospital. It’s been great to see that the Wee Care program flourished during the lockdown in no small part to the NSG program funding which has paid for the quilt batting.

Our group is made up of woman who are in the older age range. During the lockdown of Covid many were finding themselves socially isolated. The Wee Care gave many of them a chance to make a difference by quilting baby quilts safely at home.

Our goal for the grant was to make 100 quilts for Surrey Memorial Hospital. With a month to go we have had 91 quilts donated for the babies in the neo natal unit. Our goal of 100 quilts is easily within reach. We did a small pivot outside of the NSG to provide quilts for Lytton residents but our goal is still in sight.

The group met up in the park twice for socially distance picnics and quilt drop off. During the warmer months the group got together at a park for picnics. During this time quilts were donated to the Wee Care Program and batting was given out for members who were making Wee Care Quilts.

Piece Arch Quilter’s have a rotating display of quilts up at White Rock Library. This cycle includes quilts from the Wee Care program. The library staff is lets two people in just before opening to hang the quilts in a Covid friendly manner.
What’s next for our program?
We are continuing on with our donation of quilts to Surrey Memorial with a dash of quilts for Lytton. Our group will start meeting in person in January (fingers crossed) and a Wee Care Make Quilts Together day will come in February.
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