I did the project on July 19, 2023, at Jones Park. My family was a big help in bringing food and supplies to the venue. Since I didn’t have a car and I had to work most days, preparation was a little difficult. To make sure I prepared well for this event, I started buying the materials and supplies ahead of time. With a limited budget, I checked out different stores to find the best price. I invited my friends and some neighbours and their children. I bought pizza, fruits, drinks, snacks, badminton rackets, bubbles, frisbee and kites.
It was a really good learning experience. There were so many things to consider and plan, like participants’ dietary preferences, weather, logistics, transportation method for participants, amount of food and beverages, safety, kinds of toys, etc. I even asked my husband to take neighbours who wanted to participate but didn’t know how to get there.
On the day of the event, it was very hot. We picked a shady spot and offered watermelons, water, juice boxes, snacks for participants. Everyone had a lot of fun. There were also a lot of entertainment amenities in the park that the kids could play with. I bought pizza for everyone, but some attendees said they didn’t like meat or spicy food, so I went to a bakery and got extra bread and dim sum for them. I will remember this the next time I plan an event.
Overall, I learned a lot in this preparation process. If my schedule allows, I will want to lead a project again in the future!

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