We had various events to bring people together from different background and neighbourhood around food.
July was the fermenting workshop. It was attended by 10 people- 14 registered. Avalon Lee was the instructor. It was held in West End Community Centre.
Aug – there was a community potluck hosted by West End Food Network and Village Vancouver. 12 people attended. Participants were encouraged to bring fermented foods. It was diverse and attended by many cultural groups.
Nov – Potluck at West End Community Centre to celebrate drop in Spaghetti night, fermenting workshop and Holiday celebration, and share the ideas with the community. 14 people were registered and 10 attended. We hosted some of the foods at that event.
Nov – drop in spaghetti night hosted by Dharm Sidhu at her apartment building. Food prepared was vegan Indian food. Attended by 11 people. Food miles were tracked for the food prepared for this event. One participant used the opportunity to practise her speech for another event as her English was limited but she felt welcomed by us and had the courage to try.
Dec 2nd- West End Urban Garden Club Holiday celebration. 10 people attended the event. Participants made peace crane in that event and enjoyed the food tremendously.

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