How we are strengthening our neighbourhood!
We were just kidding around.. about how we needed to throw a party for the neighbourhood. We were just throwing ideas around. Then a few days later, we both Bruce and I noted the Community Foundation was offering up to $500 grant to help communities make a difference with their neighbours. What???
We were hanging out a few days later, and Bruce and I decided we were going to apply and did so right there on the sundeck – we had Jan and Jeff and Mindy with us, and we all dug in and wrote up the application and hit send! We all laughed it off, thinking we would never get it..
Well low and behold, Bruce and I received an email on September 29, 2016 saying we were approved! Oh dear we both said and our spouses rolled their eyes. We were at it again! Bruce (the mayor) and his side-kick Kim now had to throw a party for our neighbourhood and we had to do it before it got too cold or risk freezing the neighbours we wanted to bring together.
So a committee was formed, plans were made, flyers were printed, decorations and food purchased – all done in less than 3 weeks – we got down to brass tacks and got er done. We began our planning the 1st week of October and by the following week we had everything lined up including the Newest addition to the neighbourhood the CORNER STORE! They posted our flyer, and provided hot chocolate and Coffee for all.
We made flyers split up our group one night and went door to door, and we were all welcomed at the door with tentative smiles, but when we said we weren’t selling anything but inviting them to a party, smiles got bigger and doors came open. It was great experience, wondering around the neighbourhood knocking on doors, which I gotta say us WAY out of my comfort zone, but I think Jan luved it and Bruce and Mindy and Angel and Todd can agree we all learned a little something about ourselves that night. We were pretty good and selling our neighbourhood.
So the bid day arrives, YES sunshine and Warm temperatures with NO wind! The early morning crew set up the tables, chairs and gazebos; BBQ’s were wheeled out and the decorating crew soon had the top of the cul de sac taking on a festive fall appearance. At precisely 3:10 people started to appear and mingle. One of the highlights was a group of 3 to 8 year olds quickly bonded and spent the net 3 hours exploring the area including 1 massive spreading juniper bush. There are still shoes, and miniature toys and other items that are “missing in action”!
As neighbours continued to arrive (53 in total) we soon had an amazing collection of homemade appetizers, including dry ribs, pakora, candied salmon, spicy chicken wings and much more to go along with our delicious beef dip, burgers and hot dogs.
People mingled, chatted, listened to the music and enjoyed a magical afternoon at the Wiltse Winter Warm Up!
Special thanks to
Wiltse school students and staff for having a week long food drive on our behalf and for loaning us the tables and chairs!
Fast Lane Delivery and Convenient Store for hot chocolate, coffee and the movie rental coupons! But also spreading the word of our event. Great group of people
CFSO Coordinator Kim English for allowing us the opportunity to show what we can do
James Miller – Editor of the Penticton Herald
To end off with a great community spirit, our community gave 231 items to the food back
Kim and Bruce want to thank the team that pulled this all together
Jan Johnson
Jeff Gillam
Angel and Todd
And our immediate neighbours for coming out and supporting our efforts!
We are proud of what we accomplished in a short period of time and hope we made a difference in people’s view of the neighbourhood and what we have to offer
Well Done Wiltse!

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