First of all, thank NSG for financial support for the “Writing Couples for Chinese New Year” event. Our Neighbourhood Support Group held this cloud event for via zoom on January 22, 2022.

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. During the discussion, many teachers talked about the folk customs of the Spring Festival in their hometowns, interesting stories about the Spring Festival, as well as episodes of their own Spring Festival when they were children, and some friends talked about their Spring Festival couplets. The implication is that you have written your good wishes for the new year into the works of the Spring Festival couplets, and everyone can speak freely and learn a lot from each other.

For this event, all participants use their brains, hands and mouths to write Spring Festival couplets and celebrate Chinese New Year, the biggest holiday for all Chinese and some Asian. This event has the most participants among the previous events hosted by our Neighbourhood Support Group. All participants showed great interested in this topic and made great effort to prepare their manuscripts. In order to write their couplets with high quality, they read books, collect information, and discussion. With about one month effort, we eventually collected 28 Spring Festival couplets.

After we have our couplets, most of participants started to learn to make cards for their own Spring Festival couplets. Then we have each other to further improve our cards for best qualification for presentation.
On the event via zoom, each participant presented the card and shared the reason and story behind it. Every enjoyed the event and hope that we can make this event repetitive for each Chinese New Year in future.
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