Craft Day with Textile Artist, Audrey Nishi

Yes, we achieved what we set out to do with the exception of having craft day outside altogether. We moved to virtual felting/crafting. Audrey Nishi once we were in ‘lock down’ curated our continued learned through youtube videos. We were able to have lunch together outside this past March 13/14 when outdoor Covid restrictions were revised to include 10 persons gathering. This past weekend, our lunch provided food and refreshments to those who came for the opening of the garden and the building of a pergola (Greenest City Grant).

Our goal with this art project was to reduce the social isolation of a small group of 50+ women who wanted to continue meeting over the winter. We purchased a Mr. Heater (Double Buddy) with grant funds to allow us to gather outside in greater comfort for our art project and beyond. The Heater and donated awning is a great addition to a community garden that enjoys gathering throughout the year to mark milestones, birthdays, and other celebrations.

What I learned from the process is the importance of stepping back to gain perspective throughout the process. Our goal was to look out for one another and stay connected over the winter and we did this by all means possible within COVID protocols.

The most memorable moment was the day we submitted this grant with 10 minutes to spare via cell phone to gain everyone’s input. We had been getting together in the garden over the summer, sharing our stories about ourselves, listening, finding other things we like to do together like a day at the beach, sharing a meal together, and creating events to share with others in the garden. Audrey stated it best, “ I recall the great flourish involved in submitting for one of the grants. What a symphony of like minds occurred and horns and drums with the booming of the other wind instruments! It’s a lovely night.” (see winter shot when Audrey composed this message in the garden).
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