On August 31st, 2019, we held the Fourth Annual Lantern Giveaway at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. This year, we also invited Ken Lam, a culinary instructor from VCC, to demonstrate how to make mooncakes. It was a wonderful turnout, with interests from all ages. We also had raffles for mooncake presses so that people will have a chance to try making mooncakes at home. We used the Facebook social media platform to advertise the event, and the neighbourhood house greatly helped with leaflets and word of mouth. We handed out recipes and information about the Mid-autumn Lunar Festival, too. There was a small craft table for the little ones to make paper lanterns of their own, in addition to free lanterns with LED lights that were handed out to everybody. The event was very well received, and it brought so many people across many demographics out together. Thank you so much to the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House for hosting this event again; Mr. Ken Lam, his wife, Ivy Lam, and their daughter, June Lam for making the time to come and share their knowledge; and the Small Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation for making this all happen in the first place.

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