What started out as a block party in 2017 has become an annual tradition in the neighbourhood with the help of the amazing volunteers that make it happen including myself the lead organizer of the block party. We use the $500 grant mainly for the kids entertainment.
And our committee have developed a good relationship with the Stratas asking for donations of $150 per strata to help buy food like pizza, gelato and other items to have a great party. Money left over went to the Rotary club of Whistler who have helped every year scooping out the gelato and they were the deserving recipient this year. The kids love it every year with kids entertainer Ira Pettle and it’s been a huge success with volunteers stepping up on the day of. And all said and done the block party has given the connection in the neighbourhood that is the purpose of the small grants program. Thank you for the grant again this year. Doug Ryan

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